Forbes: Sean Parker, Agent of Disruption

Napster was a game changer.

Facebook too.

Spotify as well.

Sean Parker

When you’re thinking about Sean Parker, most of you probably see Justin Timberlake’s portrayal as Sean on The Social Network, which according to Parker messed him up: ‘I was a mess at that point because the movie had hit, the depiction of me was so far from reality I was having a hard time psychologically dealing with it.’

The quotes from internet personas are sometimes amazing – Jack Dorsey (Twitter): ‘It’s rare to find someone who can have those kinds of conversations. … I appreciate any conversation where I can walk away questioning ­myself and my ideas.’ Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook):Perhaps more importantly, Sean helped ensure that anyone interested in investing in Facebook would not only buy into a company, but also a mission and vision of making the world more open through sharing.’ And the quotes go on.

Steven Bertoni of Forbes interviewed Parker for several days, flew with him to SF and was introduced to ‘a new time zone’: Sean Standard Time. The 6 page interview is long, but very interesting, providing a glimpse into one of the people that changed the internet as we know it.

Forbes: Sean Parker – Agent of Disruption

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