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I remember reading a tweet the other day, which I actually agree with (can’t remember the author though), saying ‘social services like facebook, twitter, myspace, come and go. Flickr has been here since 2004 (!), and is here to stay’. The same goes, in my opinion, to blogs. Other sharing services will come and go, but the web-log, is here to stay.

It’s been 3 weeks since I started working at Inkod-Hypera, and almost 2 weeks since my last post.¬†True, there’s facebook, and twitter, and LinkedIn, and other social services that I update on a daily basis, but those micro-updates cannot be compared to a blog post. Same audience perhaps, different format. And no limit on words!!

Ilan (creative director) and Assaf (VP products) are testing the new helicopter model

Ilan (creative director) and Assaf (VP products) are testing the new helicopter model

Being recognized for your work is always a good thing, and makes one feel good about the things one does. In the 3 weeks I’m here we’ve received dozens of ‘thank you’ emails from customers, the best incentive for any employee. One of our customers, Sparkeo, is a winner at mini Seedcamp Tel Aviv [English post], and are waiting for the Seedcamp results. We’ve been published [Hebrew] in a local news website, and are gaining momentum in the social scene (you’re welcome to join us).

On the work/life balance, we’re doing ok – working hard all day long, finding some time to unwind and always remembering to keep the customer in the center of our business.

But seriously now, we do amazing things here around UI and design. More to come, stay tuned.

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