2 steps? That’s not basketball

David Stern – this time you’ve stepped out of bounds.
I started playing basketball at the 4th grade, and has been playing ever since, twice a week.
The first thing I remember my 4th grade basketball coach taught me is: Never move your pivot leg. Never.
The traveling rule is the thing that differentiates basketball and one of Naismith’s original 13 rules.

I accepted the 3 seconds defense/offense rule, the dotted line below the rim, and other ‘changes’ to the league’s rule-book in order to make games more interesting and increase ratings. I can even look the other way on the fact that ‘Referees have long been instructed to allow two steps and in interviews with NBA players last season there was some confusion about the rule‘. Transforming this ‘oversight’ into a rule is against the very nature of basketball and definitely NOT what James Naismith had in mind.

Basketball allows one step only after stopping to dribble. Anything else is traveling.

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