Would you be my friend?

A very strange thing happened to my Lotus Sametime buddy list the other day – I lost all my friends!!! If I was really into all that “the more friends I have on facebook the happier I am” mantra, the fact of “losing” all my buddies on Sametime could be a possible reason to take my own life. Thank god I’m not that weak… and still haven’t figured out what’s the actual benefit of facebook, other than a virtual Ivy-league sorority, that everyone wants in…

If you think about my empty buddy list, it’s quite funny actually – I have 2 dozen personal groups, but no friends. None what so ever. It’s like I’m living in this imaginary world, creating personal groups to foster my fantasy of colleagues, but I don’t anyone, it’s only groups. Communities I want to feel part of – SWG US, SWG IL, FSS, etc.

So, if you want to know what it feels like when no-one wants to be your friend, take a look at my buddy list.

Oh, as for my buddy list problem:
I’m troubleshooting this right now – so no need to dial 911. I do have friends, lots of them actually, they’re on “online but invisible” mode… 😉

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