Gorillas and Chocolate – Cadbury Style

Woke up very early today (5am – still jet-legged) and decided to catch up on some reading.
Adam Gartenberg usually writes about Lotus Sametime and IBM Collaboration and Communication strategy, but this morning he linked to Tom Peters blog, who explained what is the connection between Gorillas and Chocolate, and why this Gorilla is hitting the drums, Phil Collins style.

Although the YouTube versions have passed 1 million views, I recommend seeing it on the original site – the sync (audio/video) is much better, higher resolution, and makes you wanna press “Play” again…

Now, after seeing the advert twice, let me tell you what I think:
Cadbury wanted to regain their audience, as well as strengthening the brand name, which suffered a hit with the salmonella fiasco last year. In order to do so, the advert must attract the audience, make them curious. We’ve seen dozens of dairy milk adverts, highlighting the product, focusing on its nutrition value, advantages for children, etc.
But we haven’t seen one with a playing-the-drums Gorilla, where the product appears in the last 5 seconds of the ad. The Gorilla makes you stay (and turn up the volume), and the connection is made at the end – the passion for Cadbury chocolate is still here.

You can read more on Adam’s post and Tom Peters.

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