Talking about Notes 8 GUI

It’s been quite a week for me, and it isn’t over yet..
I met with a customer yesterday, presenting Notes/Domino 8. In all fairness I would say that the customer are a subsidiary of an American company, which uses Notes platform, and that’s why they’re considering migrating into Notes. Currently they’re using pop3 format.

After the official part of the presentation I asked the customer his opinion on why Lotus Notes hasn’t succeeded in Israel as it did in Europe and the US. He said that it was the ease of use of Outlook, and the fact that it was available to everyone, as part of the OS (even as Outlook Express). I felt rather pleased with the answer, and I’ll tell you why: the customer didn’t trash the product – in fact he’s aware of the benefits Lotus Notes provide over the competition. It was mostly because the UI (user interface) – which is easy to amend. When I showed them screenshots of Lotus Notes 8 Beta I’m running on my laptop, they were impressed of the improved UI, that is much better than the older versions. That’s good news – the product is better than the competition, and now with the improved UI of Notes 8, it even looks better…
and looks (apparently) does matter… 🙂

And something for the soul – my usual video moment..
There was an SNL-like program (did I just put them on a pedestal or what?!) in Israel, called Eretz Nehederet (=great country). Here’s a short clip I found (on YouTube, where else), from one of the first shows in the last season, based on a hip-hop clip “Here I come”.. enjoy !

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