Getting to know the portfolio, web 2.0 style

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, in preparation for my new role. There’s plenty of stuff available at the external software website, and obviously at our internal site, but in the spirit of web 2.0 I’ve been doing some free search, to find out what going outside, with the customers and users.
IBM Lotus Sametime is IBM’s award winning instant messaging collaboration application, which allows for more than just chats.. you can web-conference, voice-conference (VoIP), share and much more – and there are over 15 million users worldwide.. not to mention the security it provides to the corporate business.
My free search also included YouTube (of course), and even there I found this excellent overview video, showcasing Sametime.

There’s also this video about IBM’s latest application in the collaboration era, called Lotus Connections. 5 services in 1 applications, which allows total collaboration for the enterprise.

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