Start Snapping..

Totally forgot to mention it, but I’m now using Snap Shots, which basically creates a tiny preview, a shot, of a link within a site.
Snap can be added to any website, and the process is very easy and short. After you enter your site url, Snap creates a javascript (js) code, that you can insert in the “head” section of the html. There’s even a PDF file to help you insert the code into your blogging platform.
The outcome:
If you’re reading this blog on the web, not using RSS, you probably have noticed the little yellow flag to the right of each link. Hovering for a second on the link, or the flag, will create a tiny preview (snap shot) of the link’s destination.. Very intuitive, and simple.
Only problem is finding out how I can insert this little JS code into my Google Reader…
Ideas anyone?
There’s a Firefox extension that can give you a preview similar to Snap’s functionality, but still, it’s not the same…

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