Men are different – thank god :-)

There are times I’m happy to be a man. Now you’re probably wondering when I’m not happy to be a man… caught me there.. but, living with a psychologist, I know when to shut-up and say nothing.. What would Freud have to say about that?

Anyhow, part of being a man is enjoying those guys’ things, that no matter how old you are, you always feel connected to them – like baseball, basketball, video games, arcade arenas (especially this air-hockey thing – love it), Playboy – it really doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re always drawn to them in some way. In the past I had a subscription to Blazer Magazine, a magazine for Israeli men, where ever they are. The articles were insightful, but with lots of pictures, mostly people of the opposite sex with little (or no) cloths on. Now I ‘read’ it on the web

Why am I telling you this? Well, in my endless wondering of the www (world wide wait.. 😉 I came across this site,, which has a huge collection of ads (surprise), from around the world (another surprise), including print, media and web.
And there I found this print ad, to Che’ Magazine:

You see, it doesn’t matter to us, guys, what the ad is selling – we’ll buy it!
It’s really the killer duo for us: a girl (preferably with sexy lingerie) and a video game.
That’s all.

The creative is brilliant.. but again, the demographics aren’t that hard to satisfy, they have (relatively) low standards.. (see my 2nd paragraph).

Ohh.. last comment: have RSS feed.. :-))

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