IBM a Top Innovator, again…

I don’t usually comment about IBM, as this is my personal blog, but some issues require my attention, and comment.
BusinessWeek-Boston Consulting Group published its 2007 World’s Most Innovative Companies report, and IBM is in the top 10, again. IBM is not in the top 5, but we did jump one place to 9th.
Still, a respectable achievement, if we consider the competition. Competing with Apple and Google (1st & 2nd, respectively) isn’t easy, especially if you consider IBM is in an entirely different line of business. We work with corporations, governments and companies, whereas Apple & Co. and working with consumers.. it’s easier to show innovation in the consumer based market.
100 million iPods do make a difference..

IBM’s Innovation agenda has been in the front line of our strategy for some time now. Sam Palmisano, IBM’s CEO, mentioned in PartnerWorld 2007 why innovation is crucial to survive in the industry, and how IBM is positioned to support our business partners, customers and even ourselves to become better innovators. According to IBM, innovation is not only in products or services, but also in business processes and business transformation.
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