RIM service is back up

BB (BlackBerry) isn’t that popular in Israel, as no cellular carrier picked it up and translated the interface. Yet. Although several did try. There are some US imported BBs, mostly with people doing a lot of business in the US, and has a US carrier to support their BB account.

Still, my heart and thoughts were with millions of BB users, who could give their thumb a little (and much needed) break. 48 hours were enough, now back to work !
CNNMoney has just reported that the service is back on, may be some delays, but you can start stretching your thumbs… Oddly enough, and contrary to what many BB users think, the world didn’t come to a halt this past 48 hours, although the blogosphere was filled with posts and comments about the recent outage and some conspiracy theories as well.

Couple of posts I liked about the last (and most severe) outage came from Todd Watson, IBM Pundit Blogger, writing about BlackBerry Blackout and Megan Barnett, from Portfolio.com, in her BlackBerry Addicts in Detox post.

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