Windows Live Writer (Beta)

This is the first post I’m writing using Microsoft Windows Live Writer (Beta). I’ve seen a post somewhere in the blogosphere (sorry, can’t remember where), and I’ve been trying to use it ever since. After some firewall issues, it finally connected to my blog.

My 1st impression is wow. Very intuitive, easy to use design, the GUI is very Office-like, and editing/creating posts has never been easier.

A very simple wizard lets you connect to either Windows Live Blogging service or a bunch of other blogging services, including Blogger (which I use).

Just enter your blog url, username and pass, and you’re there.. So far, compared with the online version of writing in my blog, it’s a hugh difference. Like writing a Word doc.

I still have to play with it a bit, but it looks good.

The only issue so far is with images. You have to create a FTP connection to upload images, or host them in one of the free hosting services online, and paste the image link (which I did). But if you already have a blog, I’m guessing you have a FTP available, so that’s not a big problem…

Here’s a screenshot of this post, from Live Writer: Tags: , , , , , , ,

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