It’s all about creating a buzz..

In a lecture I gave a while back I stated some facts about YouTube!, from its official stats. As it turns out, there are 100 million (!) videos watched, every day! and roughly 65,000 videos are uploaded every day. But strikes me the most is the fact that the average user spends 17 minutes at 17 minutes. We’re talking of a website that has only videos, most of them under 5 mins.
The first response from the people who heard that was “how they find the time?” “don’t they have work to do”? As one of the people spending several minutes at YouTube I think that it’s all part of our work. Taking those 5-10 minute break, laugh a little, explore what the world created (Time Magazine POY) – is also working.

With that in mind, I was ‘working’ in YouTube the other day and came across this commercial. I work with advertising agencies a bit, and I know a good commercial when I see one, and this is a good commercial. I agree that the commercial sucks. I would probably find 20 other scenarios to advertise that Flea Market, if I were asked to. But this is a good commercial because it created a buzz. And in the world we live in, web 2.0, creating that buzz is the real thing.

The video was watched 210,000 times (when I wrote this), and most important – over 330 comments. Creating a buzz, remember?

And now you can watch it, and let me know what you think.

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