Irvin “Internet” Wladawsky-Berger is leaving IBM

Although this is my ‘external’ blog, I decided to make an exception and talk for the first time about my work – IBM. Last week I read in this post by Todd Watson that Irvin Wladawsky-Berger, VP Innovation and Technology at IBM will be retiring after 37 years.

I haven’t met Irvin is person, I know him only be reputation, and his blog, which is a priceless source for innovation and technology trends, for both IBMers and the rest of the world.

Irvin has been the forefront for IBM’s innovation activities for over 20 years. He worked under previous CEO Lou Gerstner, and was pretty much the driving force behind IBM’s decision to enter the web, along with John Patrick.

So, this is my farewell post to Irvin. I know he’ll find comfort and challenge in his future activities, and hope to meet him some day, the sooner the better…

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