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Gilad Shalit is Home :-)

1,941 days.
June 26, 2006 – October 18, 2011.

Today, after 5 years and 4 months in captivity, Gilad Shalit returned home.


Gilad – welcome home!

Cesar Millan vs. Cartman on South Park

In case you haven’t noticed, my wife and I ‘adopted’ a hybrid Belgian Shepherd last year, and he’s like the son we haven’t had yet. Neo (Twitter, Facebook) was the cutest little thing growing up, and when the little pisher was 4 months old, we got a trainer, first for puppy training and later on for full fledged discipline.

Neo, day 1 with us, age: 2.5 months

Almost everything we worked on with our trainer, Ceasr referred to in an episode, specifically the ‘pack leader‘ attitude, designed to show the dog who’s the boss. Especially effective is the ‘Tsst‘ sound, which is a way of correcting the dog when he’s doing something against his owner’s wishes or commands.

Cesar Millan vs. CartmanBecause Cesar is so effective at his work, South Park ‘enlisted’ him for a full episode back in May 2006, titled ‘Tsst‘ of course, where Cesar is brought in by Cartman’s mom to help her with some expert advice. I’ve embedded a short clip here, but you must check the full video over on Cesar’s site. Hilarious!!

This line just cracked me up, but there’s so much more on the full video: ‘Dogs bite each other on the neck to show dominance, and it can work equally as effective on a child. It doesn’t hurt the child, just letting him know we’re the dominant‘. Priceless!!

Full video on Cesar’s site.

And most important: Stay calm and assertive 🙂

Forbes: Sean Parker, Agent of Disruption

Napster was a game changer.

Facebook too.

Spotify as well.

Sean Parker

When you’re thinking about Sean Parker, most of you probably see Justin Timberlake’s portrayal as Sean on The Social Network, which according to Parker messed him up: ‘I was a mess at that point because the movie had hit, the depiction of me was so far from reality I was having a hard time psychologically dealing with it.’

The quotes from internet personas are sometimes amazing – Jack Dorsey (Twitter): ‘It’s rare to find someone who can have those kinds of conversations. … I appreciate any conversation where I can walk away questioning ­myself and my ideas.’ Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook):Perhaps more importantly, Sean helped ensure that anyone interested in investing in Facebook would not only buy into a company, but also a mission and vision of making the world more open through sharing.’ And the quotes go on.

Steven Bertoni of Forbes interviewed Parker for several days, flew with him to SF and was introduced to ‘a new time zone’: Sean Standard Time. The 6 page interview is long, but very interesting, providing a glimpse into one of the people that changed the internet as we know it.

Forbes: Sean Parker – Agent of Disruption

It’s been too long

I know, it’s been too long, even for me. It’s been over a month since my last post, and I apologize. Blogging is a two-way communication, and I’ve been neglecting it – thank you for sticking around!

I have lots of stuff I want to share, but lately (month or so), I find it’s easier, but mostly quicker, just sharing it on my Facebook profile or Twitter account. It’s not a trend, but definitely something worth exploring – maybe in a blog post: comparing the number of posts I wrote per month with work/life events. Think the results will be very interesting.

Thanks again for staying here, keeping that RSS subscription going – appreciate it.

See you soon, but in the mean time – SNL:

British Movie: Don’ you go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro

Don’t have much to say about this one, other than the fact I watched it 4 times yesterday, and 2 more today – and it still cracks me up every time. The SNL bunch is truly talented. And in a stroke of marketing genius  – they secured the domain as well: If you’re watching from outside the US – see the embed YouTube video below.

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